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Voice Solution

Voice Solution is an integrated, multi service platform that allows you to send a pre-recorded announcement to a list of target phone numbers. Communicate with your users in their own language. Record message in your own voice. You can also set the number of times the call is to be retried or schedule an expiry time for the call.Purely content playback upon service selection (such as music, breaking news, celebrity news) and so forth by randomly or by sequential manner.Support both inbound service request and make outbound dedication call to the intended recipient automatically.

SMS Solution

SMS Solution is an integrated, multi service platform that allows you to send a pre-recorded messages to a list of target phone numbers.Can be used to deliver promotional messages, informational messages, alerts, emergency messages, content-based messages, personalized messages and many more. A wide range of parameters can be set to dictate the system behavior in delivering the message. Delivery capacity can be increased by adding more servers in a scale-out manner. System provides web-based O&M to configure and administer many part of the system.

Voice Solution with IVR

An IVR service where the system automatically post a random set or pre-fixed questionnaires to the user to prompt the user to make a selection using the phone keypad.An IVR service where user record their own profile or own message for other user to listen or response accordingly. Example voice blogging or tweeting.User can also recommend the content to other users or choose to like the content. The recommended content can be delivered via SMS or voice push.

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eblast solution automates, organizes, and manages your outbound dialing
campaigns and resources, allowing you to build productivity, improve efficiency, and increase call volume.

Support White Label
Rebroadcasting Up to 3 Times
Audio Management
Multiple Campaign
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Voicemail Detection
Customizable Announcement
Multiple SMS
No Hardware Investment
Report Scheduler
SMS Template
Multiple Reporting